Cynthia relocated to San Francisco from her hometown of Chicago and launched her professional career in dance as a featured member of the legendary troupe Rosie Radiator and the Pushrods, which began tap dancing through the streets of San Francisco, onto the national stage, and into the Guinness Book of World Records. Realizing she preferred to dance with a partner, her career shifted gears to disco, which led to ballroom dancing and then to create her unique approach to social partner dancing . Her journey to elegant dance floors continues today. 


business-with-passionBusiness With Passion

Award-winning retrospect of Cynthia's accomplishments as choreographer, dance coach, and performer.
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This television series features interviews with people who have successfully transformed their long-term passion into a successful business.

  • Episode featuring Cynthia’s journey to the dance floor from her Chicago childhood to the present.
  • 2009 W.A.V.E. Award (Alliance for Community Media) Western States
  • Documentary profile produced and directed by Jay Hamilton Roth
    30 minute run time

"Tap Dance Daze"

Rare vintage footage highlighting Rosie Radiator and the Pushrods local and national notoriety.  Featuring Pushrods Cynthia Glinka and Holly Howard in various street, stage, and television performances.  Circa 1981