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Credits and Thank Yous

Thank you to the following friends and colleagues with whom
my dance journey would not have been possible. 

ac__cyn_astaire_poseA.C. Griffing - my Fred Astaire
Chantal Charbonneau - Personal Assistant
Mike Moser - Creative Director and Genius
Mark Hughes - Video Producer
Eileen Denny Alexander - Creative
Jennifer Gress
2013 - Web Designer and Consultant
Teresa Murphy
2011 - Web Designer and Consultant
Mike Sarfatti
- Web Advisor
Kim Taylor
Publicist - Editorial Advisor
Steve Gatlin
Gatlin Photography - Filmmaker and Video Editor
Marcie Judelson - Copywriter and Creative Consultant
Andoni Panici - Andoni Entertainment Productions

Peter Rudolfi - Rudolfi Music Agency Sales and Marketing
Janis Sturdevant - Marketing Designer Manners in Motion® logo
Melina Meru - Studio 4 Hair Salon Hair Stylist
Professional Association -
Fanfare Weddings
Don Neely -
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Composer arranger Manners in Motion® theme song
Ken Glinka - Mac Support and Brother
Jon Kiessling - Consultant
Tom Segal - Choreographer
Joan Loeffler - Constant Supporter
Francesca Valdez -
Soul Sister

In Memory of Bob Dean