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ONE SESSION and I guarantee you'll be dancing out the door. If you can walk, you can dance.
My gift is teaching folks like you how to social partner dance - not ballroom style with fancy steps and technique. Plenty of teachers knowing only that.
You wanna dance to any tune or tempo? Have some fun?
Let's connect and get dancing with a partner off your bucket list.

Learn the basics for dancing in an intimate embrace and make your experience on the dance floor stress-free and gratifying.

"The gift that gets you dancing"... perfect for any occasion.


An investment that lasts a lifetime !
Surprise your partner with a spin on the dance floor. For that person who has everything or hard to figure out gift.


Sessions are being held at my Mill Valley location or can travel to your destination.

Glinka is Grateful and I would be honored to share the gift of dance with you and the one you love.
Single? Knowing how to dance will take care of that once you learn my tips and tricks.

Partner Dancing Bay Area, Ballroom Dancing Instruction Bay Area

Partner Dancing, Learn to Dance in One Session

Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Swing Dance Instructor San Francisco Bay Area

Cynthia Glinka coaches how to lead or how to follow


Programs are tailored for singles, couples, or groups. Dance instruction enables participants to become comfortable and confident in a social dancing environment with easy-to-learn steps, dance posture, and how to dance in your spot on a crowded dance floor.

Private coaching sessions encourage continued participation and the desire to get on the floor or in your living room and DANCE!

On-going group classes I phased-out years ago. Traditional group classes offered by most dance instructors and studios are generally a very long, drawn-out process that has you learning a particular dance pattern once a week. They want you to pay their rent and don't focus on fast results.

You won't find pricing on the site. Every client is unique and I prefer a quick phone chat to gain insight on your goal. 

Truly Private Sessions

I have heard from clients that they booked a private dance lesson with highly visible and franchised dance studios.
BUT... when they had their private lesson of 50 minutes, the studio also had other couples sharing the studio space to maximize income. 
I do not clock the hour.
SO... they only got to hear their song/style of choice a few times, they had to endure hearing other's songs as they were learning.
Now what's up with that?
We are not your typical store-front or franchised dance studio. No sales pitches or contracts. When you make an appointment, you'll know who will be guiding you - ME
Cynthia Glinka’s instruction for singles and couples does not discriminate between whom leads and who follows, based on gender.

 Call to schedule your private session. You’ll be dancing out the door – guaranteed!
It's time to call Cynthia!
415-485-5500 land
415- 310-1875 cell 
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