On the Dance Floor with Cynthia Glinka

cynthia glinka purple dance instructor bay areaCynthia Glinka is a master at inspiring and guiding all ages to the joys of Social Partner Dancing.
She's the Bay Area's Premiere Dance Hostess, Producer, and Instructor.

Glinka has served as a Choreographer for Hollywood films, theatrical productions, and documentaries, and has appeared on both local and national television.

A Partner Dance Specialist, Cynthia teaches private sessions, from beginners to advanced.

Cynthia always brings her enthusiasm and professionalism to the party!

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  • dancing-coupleBe ready when someone asks you...

    You're one step away from being on the dance floor with Cynthia Glinka - Partner Dance Specialist

    With Glinka's tips and tricks, you'll be dancing for a lifetime and loving it!
    Dance Coach for couples, singles, and groups of all ages

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    Schedule ONE session and I guarantee you'll be dancing down the aisle. "My goal for you is to become comfortable and confident, look natural, and have FUN on the dance floor!"

    Cynthia offers an original and unique approach to Partner Dance instruction with rapid results.

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  • Manners In Motion - Etiquette for Middle SchoolersINTRODUCE YOUR CHILD

    Give your child a fun, weekly break from texting and Facebook. Inquire about Manners In Motion®, a modern day equivalent of the Cotillion. It's an age-appropriate way to teach the fundamentals of social dancing and social interaction.

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    Blending live music with dancing and tasting.

    Fun and friendly partner dance instruction with Cynthia Glinka along with tips and tricks.

    If you can walk, you can dance!

    A perfect match for your private, corporate, or wine club events.

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    Learn the basics for dancing in an intimate embrace. Your experience on the dance floor will be fun and gratifying. Guaranteed!

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Dance with Glinka Facebook Ad Campaign 2014

"Mastering something new is easier with the help of friends."

Thrilled to be featured on FaceBook's first ad campaign.  Folks like you having some fun, dancing two-by-two.

"Dancer Cynthia Glinka, longtime performer as well as teacher, was one of the first 5 online ads promoting Facebook."
- Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle, April 16, 2014

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